Automatic assistance.
AutoPilot keeps your tasks moving and workflows running.
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AutoPilot automates those tasks in your business that are highly repetitive, and brings humans into the loop only when absolutely necessary.

Free up your most valuable resources and allow them to focus on high-value, intelligent tasks; not manual data entry.


instant ROI of two
full-time employees.


person hours


assistance on


Control spend with ease.
Deploy smart bots for tasks like AP invoice approval, enhancing accuracy and efficiency
in accounting.
AP AutoPilot
Make decisions backed by data
Gain greater visibility and transparency over your business finances through insights on spend — make more informed decisions, faster.
Process cost faster
Improve your AP cost management process by introducing AI and automation to drive faster timelines and create deeper insights.
Spend AutoPilot
Manage credit card expenses
Eliminate the manual work of processing and allocating credit card expenses, both at a job and corporate level.
Increase transparency across vendors
Get real-time visibility into all billing and all financial activity with
centralized processes.
Billings AutoPilot
Get paid for the work you do
Don’t let unpaid invoices and change orders slip through the cracks. A centralized source ensures the cost of your valuable time is recovered.
Speed up your billing
Time is money. The faster you can bill, the faster you’ll get paid.
Automation minimizes the time between completing a job and seeing the business results.


Accurate and timely.
Minimize manual tasks using technology, 
and empower your team with data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
PM AutoPilot
Stop the busy work
PMs should have eyes on the job, not on a screen. Automate the manual document management busy work that takes place on every job.
Prioritize high-value work
Set expectations that busy work can be reduced with technology in order for your teams to put together the best plans for your business.
Job cost AutoPilot
Never lose another dollar
Ensure all of the workflows around estimates, budgets, change orders, and more are automated and efficient in order to eliminate re-work and improve productivity.
Accurate estimates
Maintain accurate cost estimates and prevent budget overruns with real-time data, ensuring competitive bidding.


Streamline resources
and speed up processes.
Streamline your team’s onboarding and productivity tracking for optimal efficiency with user-friendly tools.
People AutoPilot
Enhanced project tracking and material logging system with custom interfaces for field workers, supervisors, and managers, streamlining timecard approvals and entry processes for field staff.
Payroll Automation
Streamline payroll with an automated system that integrates timecard entries directly into ERP, removing manual data entry and featuring auto-calculation for efficient timekeeping.

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500 hours

“Briq’s automations have saved us 30,000 minutes or 500 hours of work over the last two years. That’s nearly three months of work!”
Jenna King
Construction Technologist and Project Coordinator