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Forecast smarter and faster with automation that learns your business and guides you to success.
Enhance your
enhance your
CoPilot automates the creation and administration of forecasting processes, and automatically detects anomalies and potential risks for teams that rely on those forecasts.


instant ROI of two
full-time employees.


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Predict profit with confidence.
Experience the transformative capabilities of Briq, where cutting-edge automation and machine learning converge to revolutionize your business processes.

By providing swift access to highly accurate information, Briq empowers you to make impactful decisions that 
drive your bottom line toward success.
Spend time on high-value work
Focus your team’s attention on analyzing the WIP rather than the 
time-consuming task of creating it.
Real-time visibility
No more errors, no more messy macros. Briq allows you to see your WIP in the same format, but with smarter data and automated calculations.
Revenue & opportunity forecast
Mitigate risk
See the impact of delayed project start dates on your backlog, including revenue, profit, and resources.
Better manage your backlog
Use AI to intelligently forecast your backlog and its impact on your resources.
Project forecast
Better management
Administer a best-in-class cost forecasting process to detect issues on jobs faster, all while freeing your teams to focus on running a better project.
Streamline processes
Simplify how employees work and eliminate the need for Excel or complex, disconnected manual processes.
Headcount planning
Optimize resources
Use AI and Automation to better plan the resources needed to execute on current and future work.
Time and resource savings
Automated systems enable quicker generation of forecasts, freeing up valuable time for teams to focus on strategic planning and analysis.
Cashflow forecast
Improve analysis
Build cash flow projections to plan ahead and make better business decisions.
Automate forecasting workflows
Never miss a step in creating your WIP, cost-to-complete, and revenue forecasts.
Corporate forecast
Build accurate scenarios
Model multiple outcomes and what-if scenarios so your team is prepared to adjust plans to better suit changing conditions.
Speed up budgeting
Change your end-of-year budgeting process with automated processes that allow your teams to work in a more connected way.

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18 months ahead

“It’s huge when we've got all of our job cash flows rolled up into a single one. 
At any given point in time. We've got eighteen months of rolling cash forecasts that are fairly reliable.”
Paul Crandell