Actions speak louder than words.
Construction’s first AI-powered bot that automates your financial and operational work.
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Discover Otto, Briq's cutting-edge AI assistant.

Otto is so much more than a chatbot. It performs actions, runs tasks, delegates work, and analyzes your business to help you work faster, plan better, and be more profitable.

Otto is uniquely trained to help make the people in your business be the best they can be.


Automatically read documents like invoices and credit card statements to automate spend management.


Execute actions within your software like cost coding, budget creation, or even payroll.


Detect common trends and patterns in your business so you can get answers to important questions faster.

The pane of glass to your business.

The days of navigating through clunky software is over.

Otto is designed to do all the grunt work in your systems that humans don’t like to do. It can run your tasks across estimating, finance and operations, it can build reports and forecasts, and even help you identify  anomalies in the business quickly.

One chat window with unlimited possibilities.

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