IT Managers

Put your trust in software that works. Simplify the way your company works. Work smarter with a platform that connects to other software and streamlines processes business-wide.

Map your processes

Work directly with our team to build processes and automate workflows that won’t be forgotten when people retire or change jobs.

Modernize the company

Improved, automated workflows allow operations, finance, and executive teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Ensure company compliance

Single sign-on through Briq means business data is more secure and employees will have a seamless experience when working online.
“We are processing more invoices with the same amount of people. Briq has saved us both hours and dollars.”
Randy Smith
Director of Enterprise Applications
Dynamic Systems Incorporated
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with Briq.

Our platform unifies the data your business relies on, simplifying and modernizing the way your business runs. Briq automates your most important financial workflows with our two products.

A better way to work with finance

Learn how financial automation is the key to growing your business.
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