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Our core values

Briq’s company culture is rooted in seven guiding principles. Our founders crafted these values to make this the best job our employees will ever have. They’re ingrained into everything we do and who we are. This is what defines a successful Briqster.


We are builders; we build every day. Everyone here is
bringing something unique to the table, so bring what you have and build with us.

Ownership with accountability

Your challenge is our challenge. Our work culture does not exist in silos. We all own the success of Briq, which means we all work hard to achieve that success together.


We never stop learning. Every day is a new opportunity to discover something new, talk to someone with a different perspective, and add it to your toolbelt.


Your voice is valuable. We want you to share your ideas and add your unique stamp to our company and culture. Collaboration and communication are at our core.


We support each other. Our goals are shared — we work fast and hard, but we are always willing to lend our teammates a helping hand.

Future positive

We think positively about our future potential. Every day is a fresh opportunity that is approached with a confident, positive attitude.

Go fast and win

We are a hypergrowth startup. That means we work smart and fast because, when things change, we pivot to meet the challenge head-on.


“My experience at Briq has been truly awesome. I am a part of a lively and encouraging team and I get to work one on one with our customers every day, helping them solve their financial workflow headaches.”
Mackenzie Phillips
Solutions Engineer
“The cool part of working at Briq has been that no matter which person or team you talk with, everyone is on the same page and is motivated and excited to improve the product we build."
Vlad Soloviev
Head of Infrastructure
"I look forward to coming to work every day at Briq because I know we are pioneers. We are constantly building with our clients and partners to develop the most innovative financial tools for the construction industry."
Tim Wolf
Inside Sales Representative
"The Briq sales team is very unique in the sense that in addition to being highly self-motivated, everyone is truly willing to help each other out and celebrate each other's successes."
Jade Zylberberg
Manager, Business Development
"Briq is NOT your average job! I've been here since almost the beginning and what keeps me so excited is the fun and talented people I get to work with every day. That, coupled with the great work-life balance we provide, is what makes Briq such a standout to me."
Mia Hummel
Senior Manager, Client Advocacy
"After driving for four days non-stop, I got to Briq’s headquarters in downtown Santa Barbara. Being new to California, with no family or friends, I did not know what to expect when I walked into the office. But when every employee basically dropped whatever they were doing and came to shake my hand and to welcome me, my eyes started to tear up because I felt I was with my new family and friends."
Mohamad Al Hashish
Senior Information Security Officer
"...years have passed and I am proud to say not a day goes by without me learning and building something new and not hearing from customers how Briq has made a significant positive impact in their business and given them back their valuable time."
Aish Kapoor
VP of Operations, India

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