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Employee spotlight: Meet Aish Kapoor, Head of Automation

Get a look into the team and culture behind Briq. Meet Aish Kapoor.

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Hailey: Tell me about your role at Briq as our Head of Automation and our first hire in India.

Aish: Automation is at the core of Briq supporting various functions. I am responsible for the overall functioning of the Automation department including deliveries, client satisfaction, ensuring continuous innovation, day-to-day operations, and building and executing the future vision. I am extremely proud of the tech and culture I have been able to build and seeing it make a positive impact in our customers’ lives firsthand. As the first employee in India, Bassem and Ron entrusted me with setting up our India team and office, hiring for our different departments, imparting the right Briq culture, and establishing a COE in India.

Hailey: Congratulations on recently reaching your four-year Briqaversary! How was Briq evolved over the years? 

Aish: Four years! It still feels like yesterday :) Thanks! I can vividly recall the early days when we were still discovering what Briq is and should be. I have been fortunate to have touched every aspect of building Briq and experienced it closely. Looking from outside the box, it's a different company but in a good way. The team has matured and grown tremendously. 

Hailey: How would you describe our company culture? 

Aish: Briq started as a global team rich in culture. I feel that our culture has been one of the strongest pillars of our organization where people come first. There is a strong emphasis on employee health, wellness, and growth. Our core values do a great job of highlighting how empowering our company's culture is. My personal favorites are Dialogue and Evolve because I have seen every Briqster live these. 

Hailey: What is your favorite part of your job? 

Aish: Every day greets me with a set of new challenges to tackle and build avenues to help my peers grow in their personal and professional life. The most enriching experience for me has been setting up the different teams and seeing them grow. To ultimately see everyone's hard work translate into great customer testimonials is an achievement for me.

Hailey: What are you hoping the Automation team accomplishes in 2023? 

Aish: Our primary goals in 2023 are to provide value to our customers quicker than ever and with increasingly better quality. We are continuously working towards increasing customer delight and ensuring we provide our users with a technically rich product. We are working towards making Briq one of the best available and most advanced automation technology in the construction industry.