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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ryan Simair, Partnerships Manager

Get a look into the team and culture behind Briq. Meet Ryan Simair.

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Hailey: Tell me about what you do at Briq as a Partnership Manager on our Sales team! 

Ryan: Partnerships at Briq is about finding new channels of revenue through referrals by creating recurring revenue programs with corresponding GTM strategies. I also work to build a network around Briq that helps to spread our values and supports us technically to offer the best products and experiences to our clients.

Hailey: How would you describe our company culture? 

Ryan: As a remote company, Briq is built 100% on a culture of trust. Trust goes both ways, and Briq fosters a work environment that encourages its employees to take ownership and win. Briq does not micromanage employees! Instead, it enables and connects Briqsters to collaborate and win. 

Hailey: Our goal is for all Briqsters to have a healthy work-life balance. How do you like to spend your time outside of work? 

Ryan: I love to snowboard, golf and spend time outdoors (hiking, biking, camping). I am a secret Star Wars nerd, and have 15 vintage collectable action figures in protective cases… so it’s no surprise I also play video games. I hate the gym, but I do it consistently for my sanity. I also really like cooking, crafting (pottery, painting) and tinkering (fixing cars, dirtbikes, etc). If you can’t tell, I like to stay busy.

Hailey: What are you hoping to accomplish at Briq in 2023? 

Ryan: 2023 is the year of the “Briq VAR” for Briq Partnerships. A VAR is a value-added reseller, so we’re looking to partner with CPAs, digital transformation teams, and leading technology solutions who see the value of Briq and want to share it with their clients. 

Overall, working in Partnerships at Briq is a game of give and take. The trick to successful working partnerships is finding relationships where both sides benefit. How can I give and add value to our partners while ensuring Briq stays top of mind organically to be one of the technologies they refer to their clients? Developing the Briq VAR program is the next step for Partnerships at Briq and I couldn’t be more excited about this chapter.

Hailey: What is your favorite part of your job? 

Ryan: My favorite part is by far the reaction that a qualified prospect has at their “Aha!” moment. Briq is in a product category of one. It’s new, and people don’t know Briq is the exact tech they need — yet! But I love to teach, and I take that into every meeting I have. I am basically a full-time Briq evangelist!