Plan jobs and communicate more effectively. Stay on top of the financial health of your projects. Understand how your projects are progressing with timely inputs from every business department.

Be on time and budget

Improved knowledge sharing across departments means you have the right information to keep your job progressing.

Track and allocate resources

Accessible insights into how all jobs are progressing allow you to better plan labor, equipment, and materials needed for your projects.

Unify your data

Work in one workbook made with unified business data from across the company, and trust your reports are accurate and up to date.
"One of our highest level leaders said, ‘It can't be done. We cannot do it.’ Now the challenge was on the table: What do you mean we can't do it?” 
Rob Krueger 
VP of Operations, Fessler & Bowman
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Our platform allows you to work smarter, not harder, and with less overhead. Briq automates your most important financial workflows with our two products.

A better way to work with finance

Learn how financial automation is the key to growing your business.
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