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Unify and analyze data collected across your business to create more accurate projections and make better business decisions. Predict profit with confidence.

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Gain real-time insights

Provide company-wide access to accurate financial statuses across all projects for better decision-making.

Facilitate collaboration

Create better project forecasts by integrating all the necessary team members – from the jobsite to the office.

Streamline processes

Simplify how employees work and eliminate the need for Excel or complex, disconnected manual processes.

Forecast early

Identify where money is being made or lost with near real-time financial insights from your project forecasts.

Manage multiple projects

Track and combine data from across all jobs to manage your financial outcomes confidently and easily.

Automate your WIP

Save hours of work every month by automating the WIP process so you can confidently finalize it with accurate information.

Mitigate risk

See the impact of delayed project start dates on your backlog, including revenue, profit, and resources.

Improve decision-making

Make better sense of data with visual representations to help drive advanced business decisions.

Build accurate scenarios

Model multiple outcomes and what-if scenarios so your team is prepared to adjust plans to better suit changing conditions.

Gain greater insights

Track project and financial health across your company and make decisions based on accurate and timely information.

Speed up budgeting

Change your end-of-year budgeting process with automated processes that allow your teams to work in a more connected way.

Plan for success

Connect your people, processes, and systems to create a powerful feedback loop that improves your planning process at every level of your business.

Automate reporting

Save massive amounts of time that would be spent on creating reports and gathering data and put it to better use.

Build intelligent dashboards

Access the business data you need with personalized dashboards that show the information suited to roles and permissions.

Develop dynamic insights

Change how you see your company through historical and current job data that can paint a more detailed picture of where your business is going.

Improve analysis

Think through your data rather than just compile it and use that information to make better business decisions.

Personalize your process

Work in the way that suits your business with automated processes and workflows set up to collect and manipulate the data you need.

Grow your business

Use time saved from manual data entry and other repetitive tasks to spend more time on strategy and future planning.

Reduce repetitive tasks

Automation can complete high volumes of data entry giving your employees more time to analyze the data and not just input it.

Prioritize high-value work

Set expectations that busy work can be reduced with technology in order for your teams to put together the best plans for your business.

Use cases

Forecast cash flow

Build cash flow projections to plan ahead and make better business decisions.

Automate forecasting workflows

Never miss a step in creating your WIP, cost-to-complete, and revenue forecasts.

Unify business data

Connect your systems and collaborate across teams in one platform.

Make confident decisions

Use your historical and present data to model scenarios, forecast outcomes, and predict profit.

Simplify reporting

Accurately report on the financial health of your projects with up-to-date data and dashboards.

Communicate better

Improve collaboration between teams and ensure projects run efficiently with automated workflows.

Gain real-time agility

Adjust plans and improve performance thanks to the ability to see project updates in real-time.

Track and allocate resources

Plan your workforce and equipment needs for all jobs and manage your resources.

Map business processes

Develop intelligent workflows that run automatically and can be easily replicated company-wide.

Improve data security

Control and manage access to your business data with single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

Modernize the company

Improve processes across your company by minimizing redundant manual processes.

Reduce risk

Minimize errors with automations that capture and track information entered and changes made.

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