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Streamline your manual financial processes in a single place with automated workflows and intelligent supervision. Control spend with ease.

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Real-time reporting

Capture spend in real-time throughout the workflow. All financial data is synced and updated in Briq automatically.

Control business spend

Track and categorize business expenses across the company in one connected platform.

Automated data capture

Reconcile financial and project information from numerous sources in real time.

Approval workflows

Automated, personalized workflows made specifically for your business ensure work is completed correctly and on time.

Simplify spend

Set up physical or virtual debit cards for employees to use for business purposes.

Easy to control

Add limits to physical and virtual cards with immediate effect to manage spending by employees.

Ready-to-use cards

Conveniently create virtual cards for employees available for instant use on business spend.

Tailored to construction

Split allocations model is helpful for complicated construction spend and allows for better financial tracking.

Quick and easy

Add a request, receipts, and any allocations easily for reimbursement.

Consolidated processes

Admins can approve or reject reimbursements in Briq, speeding up the recording of these expenses.

Reliable approvals

One place for all spend allows for requests to be automatically sent to the right approver.

Consistent format

A single entry point of expense information allows for more consistency making it easier to audit.

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Use cases

Real-time reporting

Sync all spend to your general ledger and track actual spend against your budget.

Increased transparency

Review actual spend at any time and understand your cash flow better.

Improve accuracy

Automated data entry from invoices and reimbursements results in more accurate reporting.

Reduce processing costs

Centralized place for all non-payroll spend optimizes how the finance team can work.

Smarter spending

Simplify your business spending with virtual and physical cards made for specific vendors.

Access reports

Filter your search view by vendor or employee to better understand your budget.

Control your budget

Manage and track spend by vendor, department, and team member with ease.

Set limits

Eliminate overspend by setting limits on employee cards with immediate effect.

Streamlined reimbursements

With everything connected to Briq’s Spend Management, approval workflows are quicker.

Pre-approved budgets

Know you can use your company card for project expenses without any wait time.

Accessible funds

Virtual and physical company cards with set limits make expenses easy to manage.

No out-of-pocket expenses

All expenses come out of an account set up for specific spend reasons, not an employee's pocket.

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