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7 things construction needs to know about AI

30 mins
April 26, 2023
11:00 PST

Artificial intelligence is the year's conversation, with everyone wondering what AI can do for me. But what is meant by “AI” and how does the technology actually work? 

Briq CEO and Co-founder Bassem Hamdy will cover these questions and will discuss the seven things construction needs to know about AI and how to incorporate it into your back office so you can stay competitive in the industry.



Bassem Hamdy

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ellis Talton

VP, New Market Strategies

What you'll learn

  • What predictive analytics powered by machine learning can do for your business. 
  • How to start small with automations and see immediate results. 
  • Why older systems can’t be used for complex predictions and how to use new technology to enhance legacy systems.

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