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Why Construction CFOs Should Care About Tech: Contech Superstar Panel

60 minutes

Our ConTech Superstars shared some amazing insights and tips for construction financial managers heading into the new year. Learn about how to maximize your current tech and which investments could help your company in the future.

Financial professionals have long been underserved in the construction space, especially in regards to technology. To better prepare our CFM friends for a new year, we’ve gathered some noted contech experts to share their insights and expertise on how financial professionals can  better utilize tech. Briq CEO Bassem Hamdy, got together with JBKnowledge Founder & CEO, James Benham, and Director of Business Development at Plexxis Software, Chad Pearson. They gave their expert insight into all things technology in regards to construction financials.



Bassem Hamdy

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

What you'll learn

Our noted, expert panel covered topics like:

  • What construction tech has done for CFOs lately
  • How tech is changing construction finance
  • Maximizing profitability from your ERP
  • And more!

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