The power of predictive analytics in the simplicity of a curve.
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Build ahead of
the curve

The next best thing is a crystal ball.
Time Travel brings unparalleled precision to your forecasting efforts. Use your historical data to automatically build custom, predictive curves for profit, revenue, cost, labor hours, equipment hours, and more.

Incorporate Time Travel's predictive models into your Briq workbooks and dashboards for better financial management.

Automatic and fast

Create more curves faster and use them across all your forecasts.

More consistency

Benchmark performance and hold teams accountable.

Repeatable success

Capture what works to make winning repeatable and scalable.

Yes, time travel is possible

And it’s the super power you’ve always wanted.

Predict earned revenue by client types, market segments, or geographies.

Forecast labor and equipment demand for the work you have in backlog.

Build historical cost and billing curves for better cash flow modelling.

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Make better decisions faster, thanks to AI that understands construction.