4 ways Briq actively secures its clients' data

Keeping critical business data secure while ensuring employees have access to the right information to do their jobs seamlessly is a complex but important task. Learn how Briq keeps your business safe without productivity blockers.

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It is a huge business advantage to utilize cloud-based software in construction as it allows employees to access data and reports where and when they need them. On the flip side of this, you need to keep your critical business data secure and compliant by ensuring different departments and individual employees only have access to the information they need. The software you use must have security levels that provide additional controls and regulate access to sensitive information. 

Your business needs software that has flexible and configurable authorizations, allowing you to strike the right mix of cooperation and control. Business-wide security allows for simplified user access, management, and control. At Briq, we work hard to deliver a top financial automation platform that is both easy to use and secure to safeguard your corporate data.

Work better with Briq’s smart security permissions

It’s best practice to implement a solution that has role- and project-based security permissions so employees can easily access the information they need to do their job but are restricted from accessing business details that don’t concern them. Briq offers both settings so your entire company can work from the same platform but only access the information they need to do their job.

Controlling permissions at the role level ensures that critical business information can be accessed by the right people and teams. Role-based permissions also allow team members to access and view information but block them from entering or changing any details. This security configuration can be applied to everyone in the company that has that identified role or position.

Another helpful permission is at the project level. Identifying team members working on a project means you can provide them access to all critical information belonging to that specific project, but restrict access to similar information belonging to another job.

Briq offers additional intelligent project-based security that allows users to set up a single dashboard or workbook and share it with colleagues working in various roles and projects. Their version of that one shared item will depend completely on the role- and project-based permissions they already have in the company. This update will save teams time and make it easier for employees to access critical decision-driving analytics.

Reinforce security without productivity roadblocks

With more remote work happening across all industries, including construction, reinforcing security measures for SaaS is more important than ever. Two great ways you can improve your security—without adding frustration to your employees’ workflows—are with two-factor authentication (2FA) or single sign-on (SSO). Briq offers both, let’s look at what they bring to the table.

Two-Factor Authentication

Some security methods that require multiple steps or log-ins can be met with pushback as they prevent employees from doing their job efficiently. At Briq, we support multiple methods of secondary authentication out of the box so that adding security does not have to mean losing productivity. Our combination of web-based access and flexible security options makes adoption effortless.

How does 2FA work? 2FA can be turned on at a corporate level, requiring all employees to use it, or at an individual level, allowing individual users to add this additional security level if they like. Briq doesn’t require our users to enable it but we do recommend 2FA to our most security-conscious clients as it adds another layer of security to users’ accounts beyond their username and password. 

Single Sign-on

Briq is proud to now offer SSO as another security option for clients to use. SSO simplifies sign-on for your employees, securing and centralizing their information for use across many platforms and applications your business may use. With SSO, you get all of the security of your SSO provider with the added benefit of having one less password to remember

In order to take advantage of SSO, it must be set up by an administrator and will be implemented at a company-wide level for all users. 

Another benefit of SSO is Briq users can have their credentials, employee information, and other pertinent company information saved in one place. This makes it easier to manage employee access to any applications your business uses and lets you adjust permissions in just a few clicks. Implementing SSO means your business data is more secure and your employees have a seamless experience when working online.

Whatever solution you choose to use, it’s important to make sure security steps are both robust to work and easy to follow, so your employees don’t sidestep them. When it comes to security, it’s best to implement a solution that fully protects sensitive business information and provides easy access to the platform. 

Briq is financial software you can trust

SOC 2 Compliance

The integrity of your business information is of paramount importance to you and us. That’s why Briq went through the audit process to become SOC 2 Type I and Type II compliant. SOC 2 is the gold standard in security compliance for cloud-based services and SaaS providers. It’s a voluntary compliance standard developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) for cloud-based services and SaaS providers. 

By becoming SOC 2 compliant, Briq is fulfilling strict requirements to maintain a high level of data security across our platform. Assuring all Briq users that our platform keeps business data protected and private from unauthorized users. We maintain the highest standards to protect your business.

SOC 3 Compliance

Briq also recently became SOC 3 compliant. This general use report is designed by the AICPA. It gives companies the same assurance that SOC 2 compliance has been met but the report contains less detailed information and does not require an NDA to read.

Protect sensitive business information

We understand that incorporating smart security permissions in your construction company allows your employees to work more efficiently and effectively. As your company grows, it will be the foundation that maintains data integrity throughout your company.

The Briq platform easily allows for project- and role-based security access to be applied at an administrator level for individuals and teams. Work from one centralized place and easily grant, modify, or restrict access to individual employees or teams with ease. Let’s work together and make that happen for your construction company.

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