4 reasons Briq is the right technology for your construction business

Briq isn't just another technology, it helps you run your construction business better. Read on for four reasons why your business needs Briq.

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“Another thing to learn!” might be your first thought whenever a new technology in construction promising the world shows up.  But how often do those technologies really understand how your business truly operates? At Briq, we first start with how your construction business actually runs and work back to a solution that allows your business to simply run better. 

Briq is an automation platform that improves the primary financial workflows in construction. From AP invoice processing and spend management to WIP automation and project budgeting—and a lot more—Briq helps you understand your business finances in a new way. We automate processes, so the talented people on your teams have more time to work on strategy and can spend less time inputting data. 

Read on to learn the four main reasons you should implement Briq in your construction company.

1. Briq is the great connector

Unlike most point solutions that focus on one aspect of the business, like accounting or business intelligence, Briq connects to and works across all your systems and departments. By sitting atop your tech stack, Briq is able to run complex tasks that span project managers, project executives, controllers, and the office of the CFO.

We haven’t found a technology we can’t connect with, so we are sure we can be an asset to any construction company’s technology arsenal. 

2. Insight into real-time metrics

Briq is a financial automation platform that is more than ERP, BI, CPM, the whole alphabet really! Because our platform connects agnostically across all software, you no longer need to pull reports and email outdated numbers and information to your controller or CFO.

Reporting happens right in the platform as Briq constantly pushes and pulls data across your tech stack, meaning that all information is accurate and available in real-time. This means your teams can work from real-time reports they can pull themselves directly from the platform, allowing them to access critical information when and how they need it.

3. Personalized to your business

We work with you to make sure Briq is set up in the best way to suit your business. Our implementation team drills into how your revenue forecast and headcount planning processes are structured, how your reports look, and how you report on jobs so the Briq platform feels immediately intuitive when you begin working from it. 

You start by creating workflows in Briq that are fully personalized for your business and mirror your existing processes. Have a complicated process today that involves emailing an excel spreadsheet to your PMs and then harassing them for days on end to submit updated forecasts, and then following-up with your controller to review and approve changes? In Briq, you can automate all of that!  The system reminds all parties what is due and when and keeps you informed on how things are progressing along the way.

Once you’re set-up, you can easily modify how your team reads project data, manipulating the spreadsheets in Briq with ease. Thanks to real-time insights, the Briq platform gives your teams the agility to adapt to change and develop in-depth scenario models that can be compared with others easily all in the same dashboard.

4. Briq looks like Excel!

Love it or hate it, Excel is still here because it’s easy to use, easy to personalize, and it works—except when it doesn’t! To help the transition, Briq’s platform looks like Excel, but it is so much more. Every spreadsheet you see in Briq can be modified and manipulated easily, just like in Excel.  However in Briq, you have the ability to template out your spreadsheets, benefit from the connected nature of Briq workbooks by viewing the data in real-time dashboards, and apply advanced modeling to use your past data to automatically project existing projects cost accruals into the future

Essentially, we can get you out of Excel hell. Interested?

Where does Briq fit in your tech stack?

Briq is all about informed decision-making. It's the strategic layer of your tech stack, and it's best used in conjunction with human intelligence to create best-of-breed strategies and planning scenarios. 

Briq conquers a variety of tasks. We automate back-end data processing, produce financial and risk forecasts using best-in-class machine learning, leverage analytics to keep you abreast of marketplace issues and internal data, produce work-in-progress reports based on 360-degree data views, forecast projects against expectations and market trends, discover data across your organization, and visualize and consolidate data across sources. 

But here's the thing: all of these core processes focus on the same end goal. They help you build robust strategies leveraging the best available data to generate more revenue. It's a simple goal with a complicated back-end. Luckily, we condensed our platform for ease-of-use and rapid-fire execution. Behind our easy-to-use and Excel-like visual layer, there's a multitude of technologies at play.

If this all sounds good to you, set up a demo so we can show you Briq in action. We have a team of highly skilled individuals here to walk you through the benefits of the Briq platform and answer your questions. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer.