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The power of Briq: Platform plus people

Briq is powered by great technology and great people. Read on to understand the experience in construction, finance, and technology our teams have to make Briq the powerhouse automation platform that it is.

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Across much of our content, we often mention that Briq was made to address the problems of financial professionals in the construction industry. Though Briq is more than just a problem-solver, this approach is essential to the success of our platform. Many software solutions are technologically powerful but don’t address the problems of the end user. They’re made with theory instead of practice in mind.

The reason we can understand and address our client's demands with such precision is that our team has been on the ground floor themselves. They know what it’s like to process an invoice, they’ve done everything from cost-to-completes to revenue forecasts countless times across their careers. Most importantly, they understand which software helped them achieve the best results in their role and which left more to be desired. It’s thanks to the construction superstars at Briq, with decades of experience across various positions in the industry, we feel confident in tackling any client's challenges.

Industry experience is key to Briq

Our team’s collective experience has put them on the ground floor of construction finance, working in jobs like project accountants, controllers, and CFOs. This means their time in traditional construction finance exposed them to everything there was to know about financial data in the industry: ERPs, WIPs, and the core financial processes that are required to keep a project on track. 

For your company, this means that the Briq team has experience with the challenges within construction finance, the insider knowledge to figure out the solutions, and understands the value Briq brings to the construction industry.

Work with experts who know construction

Most of our team joined us from construction companies. Some found Briq when they were searching for the best financial solutions for their company. When they realized Briq is a platform that is made for the industry and provides analysis, insight, and better workflow capacity, they were intrigued to know more. Everything they were searching for was grouped together in a single platform. On learning more about Briq and our mission to help construction companies grow their business through financial automation, they wanted to join our team. 

Our implementation team is well-versed in the world of construction technology and how to successfully bring something new to a traditional industry. That’s because it’s not just construction finance pros we have on-side. Our team is also made up of project managers, consultants, and more. One of our team members has implemented over 200 ERPs in his time in the construction industry. 

Within Briq, there’s an understanding that mapping processes and understanding every unique organization is key before moving to implement any software. Having this mentality to move slowly at first in order to move fast later is what brings massive success. That’s because we get to know your business inside out, help restructure any processes that need it, and assess how you work now compared to how you want to work before we bring in the tech.

Technology for the construction industry

Briq understands construction finance not just by the numbers, but by the people who work to make their companies great. We know it takes people plus technology to run a great company and that’s why when you work with Briq you don’t just buy software, you buy the insider knowledge to step up your internal processes and start using technology to enhance the work your people do. With our automation platform, you can work smarter, not harder.

How Briq is powered by people

Briq isn’t an out-of-the-box software. When you purchase the platform, our team works with you to personalize it to your business, from the user interface to what automations you need. With every construction company having its own financial system, We understand the need for a well of experience that is as wide as it is deep. That’s why our company draws on decades of experience from every corner of the industry to bring together a team who can handle any challenge our clients have. 

Briq is an automation platform for construction that automates your workflows, analyzes your data, and brings you the financial solutions you need to run a better business. Contact us now for a demo to see it in action.