Construction Use Cases for Briq: Workflows

Learn how Briq’s workflows can create a better way of working for your construction business.

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Getting tasks done efficiently and on time is important in construction. Whether it’s forecasting revenue or working on a profit and loss statement, work needs to be moving smoothly for reports and planning to get done on time. Construction companies looking to improve efficiency and accuracy across their business can look to Briq for a solution.

Briq is a financial automation platform built to help construction companies run their business. Our platform has multiple digital workflows designed to improve your business processes. With visibility, control, and accountability in your planning process, Briq keeps work on track.

Let’s go over three key ways Briq’s workflows can enhance your business and improve your processes.

Analyze your performance to drive better results

There’s a process to getting planning done. That goes without saying. However, the visibility of that process isn’t great in most construction companies. Whatever documentation typically lists out the steps for closing the books and planning the year ahead isn’t often used. Some companies don’t even have a dedicated list of steps and responsibilities to get work done. 

Briq allows you to either create or upload your entire planning process into the platform. This allows companies to see their business processes unfold in real-time. When companies have this, they can see exactly what’s working and what isn’t. You can track the speed at which specific tasks are moving, where your biggest areas of improvement are, and even eliminate unneeded steps entirely. This gives companies the power to create a more streamlined, optimized planning process based on their business needs. Next time anybody needs to ask “What’s the hold-up?”, Briq will provide the answer.

Get your reports and data moving faster

The main bottleneck to reporting speed is the time that it takes to accumulate the right data. It doesn’t matter if it’s a WIP or a forecast. Without accurate information, no reports are getting done. It’s one of the biggest hurdles for many companies to overcome. 

Briq’s workflows can tackle this issue head-on. Instead of having your finance team try and pursue each project manager for their data, Briq does the work instead. A digital workflow will notify relevant members of your team to submit key documents to the right place on a regular basis. When the time comes to create a report like a WIP, you’ll already have each month's forecast from each of your PMs in one place. Closing will no longer require multiple emails. With Briq, there is already a steady conveyer belt of information depositing the reports you need to the right place. Now, when your finance team moves to begin reporting and balancing budgets, all of the data will be ready to go.

Increase visibility and accountability 

It can be hard to get a final agreement in construction finance. There can be a lot of back and forth as everyone tries to get the data straight. Confusion can arise from out-of-date spreadsheets, missing reports, and delayed approvals.  Key strategic decisions are slowed by conversations on whether or not reporting is both accurate and completed.

The right workflows can change all of this. Digital workflows create a clear audit trail for every step of the process. Companies planning for the next year won’t need to question the data in front of them or whether they have all of it. Briq will inform them who’s responsible for what step of the process. If the quality of certain projections is falling below company standards, businesses will be able to trace why that’s happening. Briq gives companies the necessary visibility to hold their teams accountable to their key business goals. 

Use the right tools for success

Briq is a financial automation platform built specifically for construction professionals. By automating repetitive tasks, connecting disparate software, and analyzing historical data, we enable construction companies to be smarter, more efficient, and drive more profitable outcomes into the future.

Briq accomplishes this by combining the most modern technology available, and hundreds of years of construction experience into our data analysis models. Briq joins your financial and operational data into one platform, empowering you to make more informed decisions, faster. Contact us here to speak with our experts and see how Briq can help you improve your business.