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Improving accuracy while saving time and resources is only the beginning. Briq helps Bryan Builders produce monthly WIPs giving them greater financial clarity than ever before.
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Bryan Builders is a family-owned general contracting firm that specializes in the industrial, commercial, and e-commerce industries throughout the United States. As a dedicated team of construction professionals, they bring over 150 years of combined experience to the table for their clients.


“We wanted to be able to take more into consideration before we send out information to a surety company or financial institution.”
– Shannon Repass, Controller, Bryan Builders

When building out their WIPs, Bryan Builders noticed a recurring challenge that their team came up against. Although both Quickbooks and Procore were perfectly functional in their own domains, they lacked sufficient connectivity, customization, and automation. This meant that a great deal of financial data was duplicated between the two systems and spread out across different locations. 

In the short term, this lack of integration was an inconvenient hurdle. In the long term, it added hours and hours of time spent trying to pull data from their software. Not only did information have to move between the systems, but they also needed to constantly reformat the data that was generated. It resulted in a loss of time, resources, and accuracy that delayed their WIPs and made it more difficult to analyze their data.

Bryan Builders wanted to find a solution that could help shift this paradigm. They wanted to invest in something that could unify their data, connect to their systems, save their employees time, and allow them to generate reports faster. In other words, what they needed was a financial automation platform built for the construction industry.

That’s when Briq came into the picture.


“Anybody who has had to open more than one tab in Procore knows…it's very time-consuming.”
— Shannon Repass

Briq worked with Bryan Builders to connect to all of their systems and pull out the data they needed in the format they wanted. This created significant positive impacts on Bryan Builder’s WIP, as Briq automated the flow of analytics and projections needed to create it. Now, Bryan Builders can produce the monthly WIPs they were unable to build before due to the limitations of disconnected data.

“To go from not being able to produce a monthly WIP to being able to — that is huge for a general contractor”
— Shannon Repass

However, a new monthly WIP is just the beginning for Bryan Builders. With their systems connected to Briq, Bryan Builders is undertaking new deliverables that will enhance their financial visibility and save their employees time at every level.

The first of these deliverables is a new dashboard for monitoring contract progress. Currently, essential contract data that’s needed to assess financial risk is spread out across different tabs in Procore. This spread of data creates the same operational costs and resource drain that building the WIP from disparate software does. That’s why Briq is pulling out the data for them and bringing it together into an intelligent dashboard for their financial team. Soon, Bryan builders will be able to track what’s billed, what’s open to be billed, what percent has been paid, and key components of their contract from a single dashboard.

The second deliverable they plan to execute is centralizing their compliance onto Briq. Currently, Bryan Builders tracks compliance on their contracts through Procore. This involves opening individual tabs for each contract, seeking out every field that needs to be updated, and adding that information by hand. It’s a time-consuming data entry task that takes up a significant portion of their team's time every month.

Bryan Builders plans on using Briq to build a simpler, seamless compliance workflow. Soon, they’ll be able to enter all of their compliance information into a spreadsheet within Briq. Briq will then automate the data entry flow from the spreadsheet into each of their contracts within Procore. It eliminates the hassles involved with navigating different interfaces for different contracts, minimizes loading time, and streamlines the data entry process for the contract team.

"Briq will save our contracts team a week of time per month, if not more. It’s phenomenal."
Shannon Repass
Bryan Builders


“Honestly the software is phenomenal. The possibilities with Briq are endless. They really are endless. That's a hard concept to grasp. But that is the actual truth.”
— Shannon Repass

Using Briq, Bryan Builders has successfully connected their financial tech stack for better results. They’re able to leverage the value of every system they have and the information it produces by connecting them all to a single financial automation platform. Shannon Repass even noted that just being able to produce a WIP monthly has already had a significant impact on their bonding capacity and financial reporting.

For Bryan Builders, the deliverables outlined here are only the tip of the iceberg. Briq continues to work alongside our clients to create newer, better ways to work that empower employees and give financial visibility at every level. As Shannon Repass pointed out, it’s not just a product, it’s a joint effort with each of our clients to build the best platform for their business.


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