Better collaboration for Cafco with Briq

Remote work meant a new way of working was needed for Cafco. Briq facilitates remote collaboration between teams and automated workflows to improve knowledge sharing.
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Cafco Construction is a Boston-based, boutique construction manager specializing in high-end restaurant, hotel, residential and academic projects. Self-perform work is limited—job site carpenters are finishing high-end work and superintendents and PMs aren’t wearing tools.


Historically, Cafco had an “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude when adopting new technology. But when the Covid pandemic hit, their needs changed.

Cafco’s leadership realized they needed technology that would enable collaboration among their teams. The pandemic resulted in all employees working remotely, so a user-friendly solution that empowers different teams and people to share information seamlessly became more necessary than ever.


Briq provides a centralized system that allows dynamic access to information for all employees, which improves workflows. This gives all departments timely insight into the status of change orders, applications for payment, RFPs, and RFIs. Briq is becoming a primary source of project information. Everything goes into Briq and is displayed as an intuitive form with accurate information direct from Sage.

“With Briq everybody’s moving forward, not looking backwards. And that’s where there’s a multiplier of time, because now other people that need that information spend less time analyzing or evaluating it, so everybody gets time freed up."
Joe Burkett
Cafco Construction


Since implementing Briq, multiple tasks for all projects are tracked easily and a huge amount of time is saved. This is the result of automated data extraction, as well as the sharing of information across teams. Ultimately, this has an impact on cash flow projections at Cafco.


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