Catamount automates their forecasts with Briq

Accuracy and timeliness are the keys to a great forecast. Briq provides both by creating fully automated forecasts for Catamount Constructors.
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Catamount is an employee-owned company with 25 years of experience providing construction management and general contracting services nationwide. They provide contracting services to owners and developers including general contracting, construction management, sustainable construction, design-build, cost estimating, conceptual budgeting, scheduling, and value engineering.

Catamount has experienced great growth over the last few years, doubling in size and the business now does $1 billion in annual construction volume.


“We were involved in so many different systems, we were having an issue just getting the data into a single place…the data was just old by the time we got it.”
– Paul Crandall, CFO, Catamount Constructors

Catamount Constructors faced a problem that’s common in construction. Their data and reports weren’t moving fast enough. Spreadsheets were prone to errors and involved a time-consuming data-entry process. Pulling and pushing data from their systems wasn’t easy either. Most construction software doesn’t have the integrations companies need to move information out of them efficiently.

Not only did this cost valuable resources and time from their teams, but it also wasn’t particularly accurate either. By the time a forecast was completed, it was already outdated by a full month. This meant that key business and project decisions were being made to address a situation that had occurred a month or two ago, and likely already changed.

This cascade of issues can keep businesses in reactive positions with more fee erosion than they’d like. Catamount Constructors was resolved to find a solution. They wanted a better way to work on these key financial systems. 

They needed Briq.


“We utilize it as a business tool to focus on our business development needs…It lets us be a lot more proactive in planning for the future, not only from a people perspective but also from a financial perspective.”
— Paul Crandall

Briq worked alongside Catamount Constructors to create automated workflows for their entire forecasting process. Now, instead of pushing PMs to create spreadsheets or spending hours pulling records from their systems, the whole process is fully automated. PMs are regularly notified when it’s time to submit data straight onto the Briq platform, where they can access a familiar spreadsheet that already has all the data and formatting in the right place.

“It’s huge when we've got all of our job cash flows rolled up into a single one. At any given point in time. We've got eighteen months of rolling cash forecasts that are fairly reliable.”
— Paul Crandall

Speeding up their reporting process was just the beginning. Once they had an automated forecast going, Briq set up custom curves to give Catamount Constructors even greater financial visibility into their projects. These custom curves would aggregate data from previous projects and use it to give unique forecasts based on Catamount Constructors' work. This allowed them to isolate categories of projects, timelines, and more to identify when and where fee erosion was most likely to occur for their projects.

Finally, Briq brought it all together with intelligent dashboards. These dashboards allowed leadership at Catamount Constructors to easily visualize all of their data. They could now track project milestones, change orders, RFIs, and more from a single location.

“We’re able to layer in a lot of our operational get the information onto a single one-page document that we can get in the hands of our project staff, project executives, and executives.”
— Paul Crandall

Now, Catamount Constructors has the most accurate, up-to-date information available in just a few clicks. What used to be a resource-intensive, slow and time-consuming process is now an automated conveyer belt of insightful business data.

“It’s huge when we've got all of our job cash flows rolled up into a single one. At any given point in time. We've got eighteen months of rolling cash forecasts that are fairly reliable.”
Paul Crandall
Catamount Constructors


Catamount Constructors overcame the challenges most common to the industry by investing in Briq. They’ve been able to unify the data from their systems, optimize their processes, and gain real-time forecasting tools. This puts their business in a proactive position, able to spot fee erosion incidents from a mile away.

Catamount Constructors continues to work with Briq to improve its operations and automate its systems. Paul Crandall notes that they intend to expand more of their operations onto the Briq platform, and have already made plans to roll out Briq at every level of the company. It’s the technology platform that helps them run their business.


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