Optimized workflows at Elder through Briq

Improving the employee experience was high on the list for Elder. Briq unifies their data sources and our implementation team builds personalized solutions so they work better than ever.
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Elder Construction is one of the nation's leading construction companies, operating across a variety of small to multi-million dollar projects in 48 states. Founded in 1994 with over 80 projects under its belt and 300 volunteer hours, Elder Construction is committed to delivering value in all of its endeavors.


Before Elder Construction incorporated Briq, they were experiencing technical difficulties and internal struggles. None of their software was communicating with each other, and information didn’t flow between their various systems easily. This resulted in their accounting team spending too much time on repetitive data entry, chasing down various members of the team for reviews on Textura invoices, and then connecting it all to ProContractor.

In addition to the amount of time these tasks took, they made the employee experience worse. The accounting team were spending less time getting to do the parts of their job they loved, and more time repeating the same mundane tasks. This was only the tip of the iceberg for an overall clunky workflow process bottlenecked by the available software.

It was slow, inefficient, costly, and created a worse experience for the employees overall. 

They needed a solution. Something that would connect all of their systems, integrate their data, and optimize their workflow. A system that could automate a number of their tasks and iterate a new way to handle their information. 

They needed Briq.


Briq worked closely with Elder Construction to create bots that would automate the mundane tasks, and pull together the information from across their software. These bots would be able to log in to each account the same way a real human could, collect the data, and submit it into the desired formats. Furthermore, the automation completed these logins and collections on a regular, scheduled basis, with no daily activation required.

Once Elder Construction had access to Briq as a financial automation platform, the floodgates were open. With their data optimized and consolidated, they were able to project into the future what the best projects were for them. They took their historic data and were able to analyze not only which bids would be the best for them, but what the company would need to do to maximize profitability during that project

“I don’t have to go back and bug people for info. Now, the data just flows. I’m not going to have to force anybody to do another process for information they’ve already written down.”
Linda Sterrett
Elder Construction


Thanks to Briq, Elder Construction has eliminated repetitive tasks, saving time and money while improving the experience of their employees and management structure. They can connect all of their systems and freely innovate new ways to analyze their cash flow, project into the future, and build out their unique process. Even with all of that, in the words of Austin Dodder, COO of Elder Construction, they’ve “just begun scratching the surface”.


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