SphereNY automates data entry and system integrations with Briq

Briq's automations allow SphereNY to improve their record keeping, save time, and eliminate duplicate data entry between multiple systems
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SphereNY is a construction technology consulting firm based in New York City. SphereNY specializes in enterprise risk management within the construction industry. They help companies protect themselves from potential risk exposures and provide security awareness programs for construction companies, with teams dedicated to both physical and virtual breaches.


“It required a lot of manpower to repeat the same tasks, which is really something that should be automated.”
– Rama Doshi

SphereNY faced difficulties transferring data between systems. The team was spending many hours entering data, increasing the potential for errors and wasting the time of internal resources. The main issue was how siloed all their current technologies and departments are, so sharing and updating information is a time-consuming and manual process.

In addition to this, SphereNY was running into issues accessing and tracking its clients’ business data from external applications. As a consultancy, they did not have automatic access to this external data and had to implement manual workarounds. This was impacting their ability to provide the best advice and keep accurate records of their past projects. 

Consultants in the construction industry are often provided with their clients’ access to project management software like Procore while working on a project but lose this access once the project is over. 


Briq worked with SphereNY to map their existing processes and identify where automation could help. The goal was to reduce the amount of time a SphereNY employee would spend on tasks and increase the accuracy of the work.

One automation the Briq team worked on improved the time-consuming process of transferring data from DocuSign to CMiC. SphereNY uses DocuSign to obtain digital signoff on project management tasks such as change orders. With this automation, signed and approved change orders are automatically updated in CMiC, freeing up the project team’s time as they no longer have to find and change this information in CMiC.

“Previously, the project team had to manually go into DocuSign, search for a change order, and confirm it had been approved. Now, after the Briq integration, the project team can easily look into CMiC and confirm it has been saved, without manually entering any of the information.”
– Rama Doshi

On large projects, SphereNY uses Briq to bidirectionally connect their CMiC to their client’s Procore eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. To do this, first Briq built integrations for multiple projects. These integrations mapped and connected SphereNY’s current clients’ external Procore accounts to their internal CMiC system. This provided SphereNY with direct access to its client’s data to effectively do their job. 

“Briq was able to build integrations for multiple projects mapping from our client’s Procore to our CMiC. Then Briq created bots to automate this process, which is the equivalent of somebody sitting and re-entering the data into CMiC from Procore.”
– Rama Doshi

Then the Briq team created automation bots to move the data from one system to the other, meaning that SphereNY did not have to use an employee’s valuable time to transfer massive amounts of project data into CMiC. Instead, the automations could work 24/7, ensuring SphereNY would have access to the most up-to-date information during a project.

“It’s saved us a tremendous amount of time. It’s up to three full-time employees saved across the board when you add up all the projects over the past three years.”
Rama Doshi
Vice President of Application Development and Support


“The other big thing was keeping up with the data. The data was constantly changing, so it wasn’t possible for one person to constantly remember it or go and see what was done throughout the day. We didn’t even know if the information was going to be accurate until Briq.”

– Rama Doshi

Using Briq for their DocuSign integration, Sphere was able to save a quarter of the time on data entry alone. As for their second integration connecting external applications like Procore to their CMiC, the time it took to transfer information was cut in half. Ultimately this has provided Sphere with over 200% ROI, and their accuracy has improved to an almost 99% rate.

Additionally, the integrations and connections Briq created to give SphereNY access to their clients’ data meant their record-keeping of completed projects was improved. This is important as they need this information on hand for future reference. 



Others: DocuSign, Sharepoint

PM: Procore (externally through their clients)

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