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Employee Spotlight: Meet Donna Ellies, Manager, Talent Acquisition

Get a look into the team and culture behind Briq. Meet Donna Ellies.

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Hailey: Tell me about your team and what you do here at Briq! 

Donna: I belong to my favorite team out here at Briq, the People team! I’m the Manager of Talent Acquisition and head all things on the India side. I work closely with our US People team. They support me and the India People team in all that we do. My reporting manager has always respected my work and my thoughts. I absolutely love that. I’m successful every day because of the unconditional support that I have from this team.

Hailey: Why did you decide to join Briq? 

Donna: It’s normal today to try and join the company which gives you the highest package. However, for me, it was more important to have stability and a company that could be my retirement plan. I needed to be part of an organization that values my thoughts and my work. I wanted a workplace that would give me the space and respect to grow as an individual, woman, and professional. For me, Briq was all of these things. During my interview with Ron Goldshmidt (COO & Head of Fintech) & Jessica James (VP, People Ops) I found out they both loved and cherished their dogs like I do mine. I knew I had found my tribe and I made my decision then.

Hailey: What kind of roles are you hiring for right now? 

Donna: Engineering Managers, Technical Service Managers, Principal Software Engineers, Full Stack, Frontend & Backend Engineers, Implementation Specialists, Automation & QA roles, Partner Solutions Engineers, ETL Engineers, RPA Developers, etc. We have a huge hiring requirement in India. These positions are not backfills, rather we are expanding the teams. Clearly a sign of good times at Briq for the future!

Hailey: What tips do you have for people as they navigate Briq's interview process? 

Donna: To stand out among the rest, please be true to yourself while giving the interviews. Prepare yourself by going through the company website. You should read the job description carefully to understand your responsibilities well and respond accordingly in the interviews. Lastly, please stay humble and grounded because that’s important at Briq.

Hailey: Tell me about what it's like to work for a remote-first organization. 

Donna: There are pros and cons of working in a remote organization. One of the biggest challenges is the feeling of being disconnected from your teammates or coworkers. With Briq, that has never been the case. Our company culture and environment makes everyone feel connected at all times. One benefit of working remotely is that it allows me to take care of my pets. I have three senior dogs, Tasha, Misty, and Tiffany. Working remotely also saves me the time and money required to travel to work in a busy city like Mumbai. I really value the work flexibility, because it allows me to give myself an hour every day to pursue an educational or recreational activity. It’s a dream job for me. Many of my friends and neighbors are pretty envious of my work-from-home lifestyle.

Hailey: What makes Briq a unique place to work? 

Donna: Briq recognizes and appreciates the work of all its employees. In my 15 years of experience, I have often seen employees working hard and never getting appreciated. At Briq, we appreciate everyone. On top of that, we also have “Kudos” every week in which an employee's good work is called out globally. You don’t have to wait for a particular time of the year to get your appraisals. You get it for consistently good work even before appraisal time. 

Hailey: How do you think Briq will evolve over the next year? 

Donna: During the 5 months I have been here, I have seen Briq going in one direction and that is forward. With new company acquisitions and breakthroughs at work, I think that all of us should be prepared to see Briq reach Unicorn status very soon. Like I said earlier, Briq is my retirement plan and the nest for my future.  I am and will remain a proud Briqster!

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