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Your blueprint to efficiency: 4 ways AI transforms construction finance

Financial professionals need more time to do what they do best. Discover how AI is reshaping construction finance, streamlining processes, and unlocking profitability.

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The intricacies of construction finance management go far beyond the surface. With numerous projects to track, invoices to sort, and budgets to allocate, it's no surprise that the administrative side of the construction industry can be a significant drain on time and resources. However, this presents a critical concern for many construction companies. The valuable tasks essential for business growth often get overshadowed by administrative duties. It's not about the cost of labor; it's about how precious time is spent on repetitive financial maintenance instead of valuable analytical work. It's a challenge that nearly all construction companies will face at some point.

Thankfully, in this era of advanced technology, there's a smarter way to overcome this challenge without the need to hire additional employees. By embracing the power of cutting-edge digital tools, financial professionals can turn the tide, allowing them to focus more on analysis and less on administration. These solutions are not only effective at optimizing your financial processes but are also affordable and seamlessly integrated into your company. Let's explore how financial professionals in the construction industry can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline administrative tasks and elevate the importance of analytical work.

1. Harness the power of AI-driven data management

Finding financial information in the construction industry is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. Whether you're seeking a project manager's forecast or tracking on-site costs, it can be a complex and time-consuming process. Financial professionals often spend valuable time composing emails, navigating software, searching through desktop files, and sifting through receipts to locate the data they need. But how can you analyze data you don't have at your fingertips?

Construction companies can conquer this challenge by adopting AI-powered cloud software into their operations. AI can significantly reduce the time spent searching for documents. Every piece of documentation, regardless of its significance, can be effortlessly uploaded to the cloud, providing universal access within the company. Moreover, this technology allows you to assign roles, thus determining who can access specific documents. Timestamps and titles enable you to easily identify the most recent, up-to-date records. What used to be a daily race for receipts is now transformed into a simple keyword search in the morning, ensuring that all the information you need for monthly, quarterly, or annual analysis is at your fingertips.

2. Automate repetitive data entry with AI

Even if you know where to find the information, it may not always be readily available. Financial departments often find themselves spending hours manually transferring numbers from spreadsheets into various software systems, which contributes to the time-consuming process of closing the books. This can even result in critical change orders slipping through the cracks. However, eliminating the need to search for data does not necessarily resolve the data-entry bottleneck. Your financial analysis can only be as fast as the teams responsible for data entry.

It's time to let AI take care of the repetitive tasks, allowing human expertise to shine in the analysis process. AI-powered financial automation software can effortlessly handle data entry tasks on behalf of your team. The right software can fully automate your accounts payable processes and invoice management, ensuring data is efficiently transferred from spreadsheets to your preferred software, budget, or system. With AI handling these repetitive tasks, your team can shift its focus to verifying and approving data. As a result, financial professionals will have access to a continuously updated database of information, ready for analysis, reporting, and strategic decision-making. There's no need for forecasts to be delayed by a month or even a week, as all available documents are processed as soon as they arrive.

3. Enhance team efficiency with AI-powered workflows

Financial managers bear the responsibility of more than just analysis and strategic decision-making. They also have to ensure their department stays on track and that employees are equipped to meet their goals. Coordinating small teams or entire departments often demands a significant amount of time and energy. While effective leadership is crucial, there are AI-driven tools that can provide support and alleviate some of this burden.

AI-powered automated workflows are invaluable for keeping teams on track. These workflows function much like your AP automation, but they go beyond to take care of the heavy lifting for your financial professionals. Instead of spending hours on tasks like drafting emails, coordinating teams, and sending reminders, AI-driven workflows can handle these duties efficiently. 

These automated workflows connect across departments, offering complete transparency into processes, sending reminders for important tasks, and advancing information through the pipeline seamlessly. With a single glance at your screen, you can oversee every step of a critical process, identify who is responsible for each step, and track its progress. This enables your financial leadership to step back from micromanagement and focus on high-level analysis and direct employee support. This not only saves time but also empowers your managers to lead their teams in an informed and value-focused manner.

4. Streamline tasks and reclaim time with AI

By delegating repetitive, low-analysis, labor-intensive tasks to AI,  financial professionals can free up valuable time and energy for high-level analysis and business growth initiatives. Administrative tasks are transformed into a more valuable and efficient process that consumes far less time, allowing your employees to achieve extraordinary results for your business.

The advent of AI is a game-changer for construction companies. That's why we've developed a tool specifically tailored to your industry, offering all the benefits we've discussed. Briq is an AI-powered financial automation platform designed to help construction companies thrive. If you'd like to explore how Briq can enhance your operations, schedule a call to speak with our experts.

By incorporating these AI-driven solutions into your financial management processes, you can revolutionize how your construction company operates. Say goodbye to administrative hassles and welcome a new era of efficient, technology-driven financial management in construction.