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Employee Spotlight: Meet Ria Kachhawaha, Implementation Specialist

Get a look into the team and culture behind Briq. Meet Ria Kachhawaha.

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Hailey: Tell me about what you do at Briq! 

Ria: I’m an Implementation Specialist at Briq. My role revolves around understanding client needs and personalizing their financial solutions. After understanding their business requirements, we analyze their data and offer solutions. That is what we do on the client side. We are also the primary internal users of Briq as a platform so that we can customize the solution for the client. Often we give feedback to Product based on what we hear from clients. 

Hailey: What has been your favorite part of being at Briq for the past 14 months? 

Ria: I love a lot of things about Briq. First thing is that we’re remote-first. We all love working from anywhere! We also have an open work culture. You reach directly out to people and propose solutions. The managers are really awesome! They take our feedback and give us the pros and cons of what can happen. My managers absolutely make this job worth it. They are totally supportive of what we are coming up with. 

Hailey: You mentioned we are remote! Where are you located and where do you enjoy working from? 

Ria: I switch back and forth from Gurgaon which is near the capital of India. Right now I’m in my hometown because of Diwali. Because we are remote I can work from anywhere. I enjoy ordering food in Gurgaon and here I’ve got home cooked food so both of them are equally as good for me! The only no-no would be where there is no good food! If I am staying somewhere where the food is not good then it’s a problem for me!

Hailey: What are you most proud of since you’ve started working here? 

Ria: Oh I’ve grown so much! I’m definitely much more efficient than last year. I’ve learned so much about data, since we do a lot of data manipulations and extractions. During my initial days, I felt  reluctant at some points. Now, all the confidence that I have gained has improved my personality as a whole! 

Hailey: What is unique about working at Briq? 

Ria: Bassem, our CEO, has created such a fantastic culture! We can talk about anything to anyone. It was especially useful in my initial days when I was learning to use Briq. Earlier on we didn’t have as many resources as we do today. Now, we’ve gained so much knowledge, documentation and domain experts who are always ready to help. I don’t have to be afraid of reaching out to others. The people around me are so trustworthy. If I’m struggling with something, I post it on a Slack channel and everyone huddles together to try to resolve it. We’re all taking so much ownership as a team and treating Briq as our own company. People from different teams and departments are always coming together to try to resolve problems.